Legal & Compliance

Provide legal assistance and advice for the various departments.

Assume the coordination with the Company’s external lawyers. 

Follow up and update litigation cases and files.

•      Law

•      Passed Bar Exams 

Fluent in Arabic, English and French.
3 years.
Internal Auditor

Assist in defining the internal audit department strategy in alignment with the company’s strategy.                  Assist in defining the audit universe and set up a risk oriented annual and long-term planning.          

Determines if appropriate corrective action has been taken on deficiencies, and reports results to top management and board.                                           

Conduct Practice Audits in Allianz s.a.l various departments                                           

Ensure proper follow up and closing of opened findings on quarterly basis for Lebanon.  

•    Business 

•    Accounting

•    Finance 

•    Audit

•    Insurance

Fluent in Arabic, English and French.
5+ years of relevant professional experience in internal/external audit or equivalent. 
IT Coordinator

Provides support to users in resolving day-to-day operational problems such as Notes, Email, Office, Windows, Network, Virus, etc. 

Responsible for installation, configuration & debugging of desktop software for new computers.

•    Computer Science

•    Information Technology and Information Systems.

•    Computer Engineering

Fluent in Arabic, English and French.
1 - 3 years.