Group Retirement

Saving early and often is usually important.
  • Most of Lebanese working age population is not covered by pension schemes capable of providing adequate retirement income, they are exposed to the risk of poverty in old age.

    Allianz S.A.L. guarantees the payment of a lifelong pension to the employee. 

Power Plan is a group retirement saving plan purchased by your company and available to all your employees.

This plan is a flexible contribution plan as the contribution rate is determined monthly by the employees. Up until your retirement, you start with the accumulation phase during which you pay minimalist premiums of minimum $25 to as much as you want.

Your earnings growth is tax-deferred until you make withdrawals, generally when you are retired. The accumulation stage is followed when you reach 64 years old, which is when you start getting payouts from the plan and the frequency of those payments is either a lump sum or 10 years annuities paid yearly.

Based on the contract your company purchased, payment of contributions may be either fully paid by the company, the employee or shared between the company and employee.  At maturity whether or not the employees are still employed with the company at retirement, they will fully receive their additional pension. Early withdrawals or cancelation from annuities are subject to contractual withdrawal charge.

  • Lower management fees
  • Immediate tax saving
  • Tax-sheltered accumulation of invested amounts
  • Contributions are easy and flexible to make through payroll deductions
  • Compounding interest over time allows small regular contributions to grow to significant retirement savings
  • Retirement assets can be carried from one employer to another
  • Employee has an opportunity to improve financial security in retirement
  • Company matching of a portion of your contribution
  • Possibility for additional booster payment anytime during the contract period
  • Each adherent is treated as an individual while also reaping the benefits of being part of a group
  • Possibility of taking a loan from the investment amount starting the 2nd year of the plan
  • Maintain productivity
  • Simple administration
  • Foster retention and attraction of employees
  • Maximize tax-effectiveness of compensation