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Allianz Spiral Circle of Safety is a fully comprehensive package of non life insurance solutions that secures the contract owner’s asset and personal needs under one umbrella. This all-in-one package provides an innovative and easy way to access the below insurance solutions

  • Motor (Own Damage, Third Party Liability)
  • Property (Home, Office)
  • Health
  • Personal Accident
  • Expatriates
  • Ability to provide a first recommendation to the contract owner on how to secure their assets/belongings… based on the contract owner’s profile
  • Ability to go through all the contract owner’s insurance needs in one meeting
  • Flexibility to customize the cover options according to the contract owner’s insurance needs.
  • Ability to switch between cover options anytime
  • Flexibility of payments (monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / yearly)
Motor Own Damage
Coverage against loss of or damage to your vehicle including theft and hold-up.
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Motor Third Party
Coverage against loss of or damage to third party.
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Coverage against damages to the buildings and/or contents resulting from a covered event.
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Comprehensive Health Insurance providing medical coverage in all hospitals in Lebanon
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Personal Accident
Financial protection in case of accidental death or disability
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Health insurance for expatriates
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