Travel Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find the most frequently asked questions and useful answers regarding the Travel insurance.
We are pleased to provide you answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance. If you have additional enquiries, please contact us at:

Prices vary depending on the policy type, duration of the trip, where you are travelling to, the age and number of people travelling and whether any options are required.

To find out how much a policy costs:

  • Click "Get A Quote"
  • Choose the policy type (single trip or annual trip)
  • Add optional cover if required (Winter sports)
  • Enter details of the persons requiring cover
  • Click 'Submit'
You can buy a policy online using one of these credit cards: Visa, Mastercard. Follow the process outlined above and if you are happy with the cover and price continue to the payment screen entering your card details.
Allianz Global Assistance uses a secure payment gateway that makes the credit card transaction directly and securely with the bank. We do not see, record or store these card details in any form, simply get approval or decline from the banking institution. Once authorised, it's instant travel insurance cover - your confirmation email, policy document and other associated documentation is then emailed to you within a matter of minutes for you to print as required. This connection through to the bank uses a 40bit encrypted SSL Web Server Certificate so that any information is encrypted or scrambled, making it impossible to intercept or steal. For more information you could visit but you can be assured that your transaction is at least as safe as any other normal offline credit card transaction. All of your personal details are protected and encrypted before they are sent for processing.

Once the premium has been paid, your policy cannot be cancelled, since the cancellation cover under Section 1 (for Travel Gold and Travel Extra) begins immediately after purchase. However, the cancellation is subject to sole discretion of the insurance company. Premium refunds are only considered for single trip cover; When you are unable to obtain the necessary visas., Please notify the issuing agent within 48 hours of receiving your certificateof insurance or start date of the policy whichever is the earlier and return all your documents along with a written rejection letter from the concerned embassy.

You should call us on telephone +961 5 95 66 00 or contact

No, you can only be covered if you are a resident in Lebanon.
No, Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance may be purchased independently.
Yes, apart from policies for single trips of up to 90 days we also offer annual multi-trip cover. The annual multi-trip policy provides cover for any number of trips throughout the policy year, as long as no one trip is booked to last longer than 90 days.

Yes, our travel insurance policies are available to persons aged up to 65 years through our online sales , however individuals over 65 up to 75 years can contact Allianz S.A.L. at +961 5 956 600 

or write to

Allianz S.A.L.

Allianz S.A.L Building,

Hazmieh, P.O. Box: 16 6528 Beirut - Lebanon

or email:

You are covered according to the dates you select on your quotation. These will be confirmed on your policy schedule once the policy is purchased.

Single trip insurance cover ends on arrival to destination or on the date shown in your policy, whichever is earlier. Annual multi-trip policies terminate on the expiry date of the policy.

Single trip cover can be purchased for trips up to 90 days. Our annual multi-trip policy covers you for a year but no one trip within this period can exceed 90 days duration
If you buy a 90 day single trip policy and return home after 60 days, the policy is terminated and you don't get a refund and you need to purchase a brand new policy for your next trip. Annual multi-trip policies offer the flexibility of travel however no one trip must exceed 90days.
Yes. Some exclusions and conditions are specific to individual sections and General exclusions and Conditions apply to the policy overall. There is also a Health declaration with health exclusions that apply for cover to be effective. Please read the policy wording carefully to ensure you have the cover you need.

The policy does not cover claims relating directly or indirectly to any existing medical conditions, if you or anyone to be insured has at the time of taking out this insurance or booking your journey (whichever is the later):

  • Been prescribed regular medication
  • Received treatment or had a consultation with a doctor or hospital specialist for any medical conditions in the past 6 months
  • Been referred to, treated by or are currently under the care of a doctor or a hospital specialist
  • Been diagnosed as having a terminal illness
Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance covers many adventure activities. To be covered for skiing and other winter sports you will need to add the 'Winter Sports' option when purchasing your policy. Please refer to the definition of 'Hazardous activity' within the policy document to understand what activities we do and do not cover. If in doubt, please send us an email to:
Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance is all online, so we do not send any policy documents in the post. When you buy a policy, we will send you an email confirming the cover you have purchased and policy documents for you to download, print and save. You can also download the policy document here to view the terms and conditions of the cover.
No, you cannot purchase the policy if you have already left on your travels.
Call our customer service line on +961 5 956600 or email at:
Yes. These claims will still be considered, please be aware though that when we receive a personal possessions claim, you will still be asked to provide proof of ownership for the lost or stolen items. We understand that you might not be able to produce receipts for each and every item, however, we do expect that you should be able to provide some evidence of ownership. Typically, the insurers may accept photographic evidence in conjunction with warranty cards, manuals, receipts, bank or credit card statements as proof of ownership. In the end, common sense prevails and you should ask yourself, "Do these documents conclusively prove that I owned this item?"
Our medical emergency team is available 24 hours a day to assist you. You can reach them by calling the UAE +971 4 270 8714 ; email at:
You can download the claim form appropriate to your circumstances by clicking on the Claims tab on the website. Alternatively you may contact us on email at:
We have made this easy for you. All the relevant contact numbers are summarised on the first page of your policy document. These can also be found by clicking the 'Contacts' tab on the website.